The Renovalue project developed training material to provide practising valuation professionals with the tools to include sustainability in their daily practice. Such training material provides them with a more profound knowledge base regarding, inter alia, the impact (or potential impact) of sustainability features on various economic building performance aspects, respective information sources, as well as methodological and theoretical guidance so that valuation professionals can appropriately factor energy efficiency and renewable energy sources issues into the valuation process and advise their clients accordingly. The material developed consists of  a set of slides to be used as training support by professional training providers, professional valuation organisations and other real estate market participants.
The slides are available in 8 languages and can be downloaded from the links below. In addition the slides have formed the basis for the development of an eLearning course that will be directly  accessible to valuers via the RICS Online Learning Academy. The eLearning course is curently translated in 7 languages. The eLearning course in English can be accessed from the link below.

Please access the eLearning course in English here


Please download the training material available in 8 languages from the links below: