In order to disseminate the RenoValue training material among interested valuation professionals all over Europe, RenoValue welcomes pledges of interest by organisations who are willing to promote it in their own network, in their own countries.

To this end, RenoValue has established a partnership with INZEB: the Institute of Zero Energy Buildings in Greece. As a part of this agreement, INZEB has agreed to promote RenoValue in Greece and Cyprus and make all the training material available in Greek.

INZEB is a platform for knowledge dissemination and contributes to research, adaptation and adoption of widespread construction standards to reduce the energy consumption and emission of ‘greenhouse gas’ pollutants.



Valuation is considered as one of the most critical areas in Real Estate and finance. Factors as energy efficiency, sustainability and renewable energy must be considered as integral parts of valuations and RenoValue provides the solution. For this reason, INZEB team is happy to collaborate with RenoValue since our Institution serves as a platform for two way communication and close dissemination of knowledge, contributing to research, adaptation, adoption with the aim of reducing the energy consumption and emissions of ‘greenhouse gas’ pollutants.”
Alice Corovessi, managing director of INZEB

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