The RenoValue project has developed a training tool kit for property valuation professionals on how to factor sustainability into the valuation process.

RenoValue is a 2-year project funded by the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme of the European Union. The project has developed a training toolkit for property valuation professionals on how to factor energy efficiency and renewable energy issues into valuation practices, understand the impact of building performance and property values and advise their clients accordingly.

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Renovalue Final Report


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Renovalue Market Insight Report


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Empirical studies consistently show that within several markets around the globe property pricing differs between buildings with “green features” and buildings without them.

Evidence shows that these features are translating into higher value in the form of:

  • increased rental rates
  • higher sale prices
  • increased occupancy rates
  • lower operating expenses
  • faster marketing-times
  • higher net operating income
  • lower capitalization rates
  • in case of commercial building, increased workers’ productivity

Intelligent Energy Europe


Cofunded by the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme of the European Union

Read RenoValue’s Factsheet on the Intelligent Energy Europe website for more information on the project

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Looking for more information about the RenoValue project? Please download the project flyer, factsheet and PPT currently available in 8 languages and the Renovalue Market Insight Report:


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The Project consisted of two closely interrelated phases to reach one goal: to provide practising valuation professionals with the necessary knowledge and skills to appropriately factor sustainability into their work and advise their clients accordingly.


  •  Assessment of stakeholders’ expectations and needs regarding the quality and content of valuation reports. This assessment was done through national roundtables in 7 countries (United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and Sweden)
  • Assessment of availability, quality and reliability of information sources for valuation professionals in each of the 7 target countries (EPCs, transaction data and information on building qualities and performance)
  • Creation of a European Valuation Steering Group (EU VSG)


  • Development of the training material based on the findings of phase 1
  • Piloting of the training material among practising valuation professionals and, in the long term, permanent inclusion into the RICS’ Online Academy.


Activities & Download


RenoValue has carried out a desk research and quality assessment of commonly used sources of information typically available…


 The Renovalue project developed training material to provide practising valuation professionals with the tools to include sustainability in their daily practice. Such training material… 


A needs assessment has been carried out through national roundtables (gathering valuation professionals, valuation…


The training material has been piloted during the project’s duration among 350 practising valuation professionals via 10 half-day…


The RenoValue European Valuation Steering Group (EUVSG) is composed of 6 members with relevant expertise…

collaborationRenoValue copy

In order to disseminate the RenoValue training material among interested valuation professionals all over Europe…



During the proposal development, RenoValue secured letters of support from 37 organizations from across Europe (see map below) including the UK (10), Italy (4), Germany (7), Belgium (5), Hungary (3), Czech Republic (1), Greece (1), Poland (3), government and international organisations (3). These supporting entities expressed their interest in the outcome of the project. Supporters are as follows:

Valuation professional organisations and national standard setting bodies
Real Estate services and valuation providers
Real Estate and built environment information multipliers
Financial institutions and investors
Real Estate Insurers
Built environment professionals
Green Building Councils
Academia, and networks and initiatives
EE and RES manufacturers and installers


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RenoValue Final Report

Please click here to download the RenoValue Final Report. For any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.    

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Numbers that speak for themselves

Numbers that speak for themselves

#RenovalueFacts is the Renovalue Newsletter Infographic that synthetize in figures 28 months of  hard work to implement a challenging project. Enjoy it. The Newsletter can be downloaded here  

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About Renovalue in 2 minutes

About Renovalue in 2 minutes


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Training material set to drive ‘green’ into property valuation

Training material set to drive ‘green’ into property valuation

Brussels, May 25, 2016: Today a multi stakeholder group of built environment experts launched “Valuing Sustainability”, a suite of training materials for valuation professionals with regard to considering sustainable building features in their daily practice. The training material has been developed over a 2-year period to provide valuation professionals with a more profound knowledge base […]

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RICS Cross Border Valuation conference

RICS Cross Border Valuation conference

Marking a major project milestone, on behalf of the RenoValue consortium, RICS Global Head of Sustainability, Ursula Hartenberger presented the RenoValue face-to-face training package at the RICS Cross Border Valuation conference in Brussels on 12 May in front of a room full of valuers, valuation users and a representative from the EU Commission from across the […]

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RenoValue Learning Material Online

RenoValue Learning Material Online

Today we released the Renovalue training material in 8 languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Polish and Swedish.  The material consists of  a set of slides to be used as training support by professional training providers, professional valuation organisations and other real estate market participants. The material can be downoladed here. In addition, the […]

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